Soon to be a major Amazon Prime TV series. 

The seventh novel in the Wheel of Time series - one of the most influential and popular fantasy epics ever published.

The war for humanity's survival has begun. Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, has escaped the snares of the White Tower and the first of the rebel Aes Sedai have sworn to follow him. Attacked by the servants of the Dark, threatened by the invading Seanchan, Rand rallies his forces and brings battle to bear upon Illian, stronghold of Sammael the Forsaken... In the city of Ebou Dar, Elayne, Aviendha and Mat struggle to secure the ter'angreal that can break the Dark One's hold on the world's weather - and an ancient bane moves to oppose them. In the town of Salidar, Egwene al'Vere gathers an army to reclaim Tar Valon and reunite the Aes Sedai... And in Shadar Logoth, city of darkness, a terrible power awakens...

'Epic in every sense' - Sunday Times

'With the Wheel of Time, Jordan has come to dominate the world that Tolkien began to reveal' - New York Times

'[The] huge ambitious Wheel of Time series helped redefine the genre' - George R. R. Martin

'A fantasy phenomenon' - SFX

The Wheel of Time - The Eye of the World, The Great Hunt, The Dragon Reborn, The Shadow Rising, The Fires of Heaven, Lord of Chaos, A Crown of Swords, The Path of Daggers, Winter's Heart, Crossroads of Twilight, Knife of Dreams, The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight, A Memory of Light, New Spring (prequel) The Wheel of Time Companion

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A Crown Of Swords : Book 7 of the Wheel of Time

  • Издавачка куќа: /
  • Автор: Jordan, Robert
  • Достапност: На залиха
  • 699 ден

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